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About Us

Understanding Aquatic Ecosystems Across Time and Space

The Spanbauer lab was established at the University of Toledo and Lake Erie Center in 2019. We are a  diverse team of scientists interested in how the environment impacts communities and populations of microorganisms over evolutionary and ecological timescales. We employ an interdisciplinary approach, fusing traditional paleoecological methodology with molecular and theoretical ecology. We are currently recruiting undergraduate and graduate students in the lab.


Meet The Team

Former Team Members

Sophia Bender (2023, Research Technician)

George Okoko (2021-2023, M.Sc.)

Carson Montz (2021-2023, M.Sc. non-thesis)

Alexander Horvath (2022, Undergraduate Directed Research)

Brendan Luurtsema (2022, Undergraduate Directed Research)
Hallie Web (2022, NSF REU)

Aaron Shultis (2020-2022, Research Associate)

Amber Beecher (2020-2022, M.Sc. co-advisee)

Mo Holley (2020-2022, M.Sc. non-thesis)

Corbin Kohart (2020-21, Undergraduate Directed Research, Undergraduate Research Fellow, Department of Environmental Sciences Honor’s Thesis advisee, Laboratory Assistant)

Elizabeth Vincent (2021, NSF REU)

Ariel Markus (2021, Undergraduate Directed Research)

Adam Price (2020-21, Undergraduate Directed Research)

Emili Aselage (2020, Undergraduate Directed Research, Undergraduate Research Fellow, Laboratory Assistant)

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